About Us

Consignabubble was created by two local Corvallis moms, Lyndsey Zarfas and Josie Wolf. Josie met Lyndsey while she was in the process of purchasing the Corvallis Branch of Mother Goose Resale. Along the way they became friends and realized how well their combined backgrounds would fit together in a business partnership.

Lyndsey has a background in education and child development. She is a mom of three with a passion for researching baby and kid gear to educate others about using these items safely.

Josie has a background in multiple areas, with a degree in apparel design, experience in retail as both a kids associate at a premium outfitter and managing a furniture/decor store. She is a mom to one sweet toddler girl. She comes from an indigenous background, is pursuing higher education and  is passionate about sustainability in our world.

Since we formed our partnership, we are now rebranding with our own vision and looking to expand by hiring employees and opening new locations in the next 5 years.